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Classic Car Seats Essex

  • Frame
  • Suspension
  • Padding
Classic Car Seat Upholstery Essex Strength & Support
Welded seat safely belt support strengthens and provides the safety needed.
Classic Car Seat Upholstery Essex Steel Side Brace
Braced sides with triangulated steel to maximum rigidity and strength.
Classic Car Seat Upholstery Essex Mounting Bracket
Side mounted 8mm threaded inserts in double frame, welded in for maximum strength.
Classic Car Seats Essex Back Suspensions
Our seats offer full back suspension giving complete kidney and lumbar support.
Classic Car Seats Essex Base Support
Ridgard Seats offer a full width base to ensure comfort and support throughout the seat.
Classic Car Seat Repairs Essex Shoulder Support
Shoulder supports to restrain upper body movement while driving.
Classic Car Seat Repairs Essex Free Movement
Low sided to allow complete and free arm movement while having the support needed to keep drivers safe.

Ridgard Classic Seats specialise in automotive seating for both competition and specialist fast road or sporting applications. The current range of steel framed seats that we offer have been acknowledged as the strongest and safest of their type.

Ridgard produce a range of competition and driving seats from the late 50's and early 60's. Made from a welded tubular steel construction, with back and base webbing, they achieve strength and comfort whilst being no heavier than most moulded seats.

Classic Race Car Seats
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